Moving Out Checklist


  1. Arrange for a professional mover if necessary.

  2. Show potential movers everything and tell them what to expect for unloading (stairs, halls, elevators, etc.) so they can give a reasonable quote 

  3. Arrange packing materials, if necessary 

  4. Arrange dumpster for both ends of move 

  5. Take complete inventory of household goods and print out lists 

  6. Photograph items of value to keep in case of a dispute over loss or damage 

  7. Check with your insurance agent about coverage for the move, transfer of policies 

  8. Clean out closets/garage 

  9. Send draperies and rugs to cleaners in time for packing with other goods 

  10. Defrost freezer 

  11. Arrange cleaning service for final cleanup 

Call the following to have services shut off and/or changed to new address: 

  • Water company 

  • Cable TV/Internet company 

  • Electric company 

  • Newspaper delivery 

  • Gas/oil company 

  • Telephone plan 

Notify companies and people of your change of address, either online or via postal change-of-address cards: 

  • Post Office 

  • BC Government (MSP and ICBC Credit cards)

  • Charge accounts 

  • Loan companies 

  • Subscriptions 

  • Friends, relatives 

Take care of household and personal business: 

  • Pick up any clothing, storage items from cleaners 

  • Empty safe-deposit box 

  • Arrange for banking in new location 

  • Arrange for local school to transfer children's records 


Say goodbye to your old home 

  • Pack household goods into numbered boxes labeled with appropriate room 

  • Carefully pack any items you absolutely don't want lost or damaged and take them with you 

  • Scan important papers -- birth certificates, wills, the contract with the movers -- and take the originals with you 

  • Pack supplies you'll need on the day of the move: bathroom items, eating utensils, snacks, drinks, breakfast food, pet food, medical needs, etc. 

  • Check closets, shelves, all rooms and outbuildings to make sure they are empty 

  • Supervise cleaners and movers 

  • Leave current home in clean condition 

Before Arriving At New Location 

  • Arrange for utility services in new area: 

  • Water company 

  • Electric company 

  • Gas company 

  • Cable/Internet 

  • If moving to a condo, contact property management company and book parking space and elevator for moving day 


New Location 

  • Supervise unloading and unpacking 

  • Set up and make beds first so you can collapse into them when you need to.

  • Put up any shelving units before you unpack other items 

  • Put valuables into a safe-deposit box in new bank 

  • Ensure that new school has received records 

  • Contact new dentists and doctors to ensure that records have been transferred 

  • Arrange for new registration and insurance of cars: 

Apply for new driver's license if you moved from outside BC (your license is only valid for 90 days after arrival):